PGCS Claims Services

Workers Compensation

We understand the moving parts associated with Workers’ Compensation, and we work diligently to identify the risks that could have a significant impact on your business. We will collaborate to help you understand how your workers’ compensation claim costs fit into your total cost of risk and the different measures that can be taken to drive profitability.


PGCS has very experienced property adjusters who have managed large first party property loss claims. Through our extensive vendor network and resources we help clients mitigate the loss and resume normal operations as soon as possible.

Auto Liability

PGCS has experienced adjusters to handle auto physical damage or bodily injury claims and we know being proactive and responsive to our client and claimants sets the tone for the life of the claim and resolve claims as soon as possible.

General Liability

Our company has a long history of fairly and effectively managing all aspects of general liability claims, whether bodily injury claims, property damage, personal injury or advertising injury, we aggressively analyze and evaluate all aspects of the claim. We direct the response, including working closely with counsel to control costs, and accurately project all incurred costs in resolving the claim.

Cyber Liability

In this new age of technology, clients face an ever-growing array of cyber attacks, whether from social engineering, ransomware, or data breaches. Our expert team can provide guidance through these claims, and we have strategic partners and resources available to help the client respond and recover from the event.

Employment Practices Liability

At PGCS, we have vast experience in handling EPLI claims and actions. These claims require expert balancing of the employee and employer position, and the recent developments in the law in this practice area.

School Leaders/Educators Liability

PGCS is experienced with the sensitive nature with handling School Leaders / Educators Liability issues whether they involve student injuries or complex discrimination allegations.

Public Officials Liability

We understand the complexities of Public Officials Liability claims involving elected officials and employees of public entities as well as but not limited to administrative proceedings, eminent domain and land use.

Law Enforcement

We have experience in the complexities of Law Enforcement Liability including the defense of the entity and individual employees.

Hurricane and Catastrophic Adjusting Services

We are experienced and understand how and what it takes to assist our clients to get them back on their feet following a disaster whether it is providing preferred vendors to assist with the repairs process or navigating the client through the FEMA process we have the resources available.