Other Services & Programs

Our experienced professionals lead the charge when it comes to claims administration. See all the various programs we have in place.


PGCS maintains a dedicated Subrogation Unit to pursue reimbursement from at-fault third parties. Our current recovery rate is 57% of claim costs expended.



Excess Reporting

Our team leads the industry in the management of risk and its related costs, meeting the needs of companies ranging from small retail establishments to multinational corporations.



Special Investigative Unit

PGCS also maintains a Special Investigative Unit (SIU) to pursue fraudulent claims and the arrest and conviction of persons committing workers’ compensation fraud. If you have information regarding a fraudulent claim, please call our toll free hotline today at (866) 887-7427. All calls are strictly confidential.

Firefighter Cancer Administration Program

PGCS provides Firefighter Cancer Administration Program (FCAP) to process claims for firefighters qualifying for benefits under Florida Statute §112.1816.


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